Client Reviews

"David Ragsdale is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. His moral rectitude is unquestioned and his knowledge of personal injury law is outstanding with over 20 years experience. In addition, he is pillar of the community with many years of service with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and his church.  Based on his past representation as my attorney, I would highly recommend Mr. Ragsdale for his legal expertise, cogent advice, and professionalism as well as his personable demeanor."

                                 --S.W., Carrollton, TX

"David Ragsdale represented me when I was hit by another automobile while crossing an intersection in Plano in my car. David was able to negotiate a settlement with her insurance out of court. I have the utmost confidence in David's integrity and hard work and I'm happy to recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney with his expertise and experience."

                                 --C.S., Plano, TX

"David is a successful and dedicated attorney who has integrity and cares about his clients. I have referred several people to him and they have all been pleased beyond expectations. He will be direct with you and handle your case with intelligence and expertise."

                                 --R.E., Dallas, TX

"David Ragsdale is a man of tremendous character. I am proud to recommend his services. You will find no one more trustworthy. He is a standard bearer for integrity."

                                 --T.B., Carrollton, TX

"I have known Mr. Ragsdale for many, many years. He is an excellent attorney and an amazing person."

                                 --R.C., Dallas, TX

"David is a man of the highest moral and ethical standards. I am pleased to recommend David as he is a man you can absolutely trust and depend on."

                                 --B.D., Carrollton, TX 

"I endorse this lawyer. David is a serious and committed lawyer. I have known him for more than 20 years. David really cares about his clients and achieving the best possible results for each of them. I proudly refer clients to him."

                                 --J.S., Dallas, TX

"Oh what a lawyer, very humble to his clients, listens very well, me and wife are very grateful to him for going beyond his call and worked very hard for our case, also came to know his is part of the Boy's Scout which i am true believer that they can be best in what ever they do....Thanks Mr.David"

                                --K.I., Carrollton, TX

"David is a wonderful attorney who cares for his clients and will fight hard for them. He has many years of experience with personal injury cases. I highly recommend David for accidents and injury cases in Texas."

                                --F.T., Frisco, TX

"I would highly recommend David Ragsdale if you are ever injured. He is also very compassionate with his clients."

                               --M.C., Lewisville, TX


Over the years, David Ragsdale has handled all types of injury claims and lawsuits ranging from airplane crash death cases, automobile crash death/injury cases, construction injuries, drowning’s, trip and falls, medical malpractice, product liability, and vicious dog attack cases.  He has also handled wrongful employment discharge cases, on-the-job injury cases and sexual harassment occurring on-the-job cases. 

The following are a few examples:

  • Airplane crash wrongful death case against pilot and manufacturer.  Recovery of $1,000,000 for family of deceased aircraft passenger. 
  • Lawsuit against business owner for failure to warn customers about known criminal activity on the business premises.  Recovery of $300,000 for client who was shot during a car jacking on the business premises.
  • Premises liability claim against a restaurant for failure to properly construct a handicap access area that caused client to trip and fall and sustain a head injury.  Recovery of $300,000.
  • Lawsuit against business that allowed cattle to escape overturned truck causing collision and injury.  Recovery of $100,000.
  • Lawsuit against utility company that failed to properly maintain utility pole that resulted in permanent injury to client.  Recovery of $250,000.00.   
  • Lawsuit against nightclub that over served alcoholic drinks to a customer that caused motor vehicle collision injuries to client.  Recovery of $90,000. 
  • Lawsuit against physician and hospital for performing surgery on wrong-site of the patient.  Recovery of 90,000.
  • Construction worker injured due to negligence of general contractor.  Recovery of $45,000.
  • Automobile collision injury caused by drunk driver.  Recovery of $65,000.