Slip & Fall Injuries

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale represents slip & fall accident victims who sustained and suffered serious bodily injuries.  This type of case is also referred to as a trip and fall injury depending upon the facts of what occurred. 

Premises Liability Cases

Slip & fall injury claims fall under the category of cases referred to as premises liability cases.  Premises liability is the type of case when a property owner owes a duty to maintain safe premises to an individual visiting the premises.  Most often, these types of claims arise when a customer, while on the premises of a business, slips or trips and is injured due to a hazard on the property.  Customers on the premises of business owners are referred to as invitees.  In Texas, an invitee is someone on the premises for the mutual purpose of transacting business with the business owner.  See Texas Landowner Liability Law for more information about the status or classification of individuals on property owned by someone else. 

In 2015, in Austin v. Kroger, L.P., No. 14-0216 (Tex. June 2015), the Texas Supreme Court held a landowner owes no duty to protect a business invitee against a dangerous condition that is open and obvious or known to the invitee.  This court opinion represents a major change in Texas premises law.  Now, if the landowner is able to present evidence the business invitee was aware of the dangerous condition before the injury, the premises owner may seek to have the case dismissed.

Due to many legal hurdles, premises liability claims are difficult for the injured party to prevail.  Premises liability laws in Texas are designed to protect property owners from injury claims.  In most cases, legal counsel is necessary to have any reasonable chance to prevail in a premises liability claim.      

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale will represent you to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages due to a slip & fall injury.  After a slip & fall incident occurs, call the property owner or manager to the accident scene and report what happened.  If you believe you were injured, seek immediate medical treatment. Then, you should seek legal counsel as quickly as possible to protect your legal rights and pursue an injury claim against the party at fault for causing your injury.  Contact Dallas personal injury attorney David Ragsdale for a free consultation about your case.