Brain Injuries

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale represents traumatic brain injury accident victims who sustained and suffered serious injuries.  This type of case is also referred to as a TBI (traumatic brain injury). 

A brain injury is a traumatic event for the accident victim and the victim's family.  A traumatic brain injury is often difficult to diagnose due to limitations of current imaging technology. Sometimes, family members will notice changes in personality and/or the injured person’s memory. Surgery may be needed to remove leaking blood and damaged tissue.  Quick medical intervention can help prevent further damage to the brain or death.

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale will represent you to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages due to a traumatic brain injury.  After a traumatic brain injury occurs, seek immediate medical treatment. Then, you should seek legal counsel as quickly as possible to protect your legal rights and pursue an injury claim against the party at fault for causing your injury.  Contact Dallas personal injury attorney David Ragsdale for a free consultation about your case.