Spine Injuries

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale represents spine injury accident victims who sustained and suffered serious bodily injuries. 

Most spinal cord injuries are the result of car accidents. Falls are also a major cause of back or spine injuries.  Severe neck (cervical) level spine injuries may impair a person’s breathing and paralyze arms, legs and the trunk area. Low back (lumbar) spinal cord injuries may cause weakness and loss of movement or feeling only in the legs and lower parts of the body. A severed spinal cord cannot be repaired and can result in lifetime paralysis.  Recovery, from less severe spine injuries, may occur due to conservative care but sometimes requires surgical intervention. 

Dallas personal injury lawyer David Ragsdale will represent you to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages due to a spine or back injury.  After a spine or back injury occurs, seek immediate medical treatment. Then, you should seek legal counsel as quickly as possible to protect your legal rights and pursue an injury claim against the party at fault for causing your injury.  Contact Dallas personal injury attorney David Ragsdale for a free consultation about your case.