October 2016

  1. Voting is the expression of the will of the citizens of the United States of America about how our government (national, state, and local) should operate.
  2. Many people fought for your right to vote. No matter your race, gender, or age, your right to vote came at a price. Honor the sacrifices others made so that you can exercise your right to vote. 
  3. Since WWII, approximately 83,000 American military service personnel are considered still missing in action. These soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are assumed dead, but are still not accounted for. Many of the missing now rest in unmarked graves in foreign countries or at sea.  Don’t allow their sacrifice to be wasted by not voting. 
  4. No one likes a hypocrite. You have opinions and you let everyone know your opinions about political issues.  But when the time comes to vote, you stay home.  Really?  If you do not vote, you should not complain. 
  5. During the next 4 years, the policies you vote for today will have a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Do you really want to leave those decisions up to someone else?
  6. In the 2000 election, George W. Bush won the state of Florida by just 537 votes out of nearly six million votes cast in the state.  Every vote matters.
  7. If you don’t vote for the interests you care about, who will?
  8. A nation of equality, justice, and freedom can only exist as a democracy.  Without a system of voting, the nation’s democracy will cease to exist.
  9. “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”
  10. Our nation depends upon the people’s power to vote. 

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