November 2016

As we prepare ourselves for the results of the presidential election, it is important to remember the true greatness of the American spirit is not found in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. but rather in the courage and perseverance of individual Americans facing the challenges of our time.  Our nation’s capital contains some of our best known symbols and monuments to American greatness but the true spirit that makes our nation great quietly resides in the towns, communities, and homes that make up our nation. The spirit of America is found in:

  • A school teacher preparing lessons for her students in the next day’s classes;
  • A hospital emergency room medical team desperately working to save the life of an accident victim;
  • A Boy Scout raising his hand to salute the American flag;
  • A family at the kitchen table discussing how to live guided by morals and values;
  • A voter casting her vote in the voting booth;
  • A soldier standing midnight watch in a distant war-torn land;
  • A group of firemen running into a burning skyscraper on 9/11;
  • A jury deliberating the outcome of a court case;
  • Neighbor helping neighbor after a devastating hurricane;
  • Family and friends gathering at Thanksgiving to remember their blessings and give thanks;
  • Worshipers coming together, in a house of worship, to celebrate worship and pray;
  • A mother and father visiting the grave of their child killed in action in a military conflict.

The true spirit of America is found in the hearts and minds of its people.  Despite national tragedies, wars, scandals, and economic hard-times, the American people have always persevered and triumphed over adversity.  Our nation has survived the worst of times including bad political leaders and misguided court decisions.  The United States of America is still a beacon for freedom, justice, and economic opportunity.  No matter who is elected, the American spirit, if we allow it, is as strong as ever within each of us and will continue to serve as the light of the world.     

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